Sour Cherry Peach Ice Cream and My New Favorite

(And I said I will try to post twice a week… Well, I’ll try next time…)

The second best thing about summer for me is definitely ice cream (The first one is summer vacations, of course). And when we have a lot of fresh sour cherries the garden, it would be shame not to use them in a recipe. So, I decided to make some ice cream with them. But sour cherries, as you know, are a bit “sour”, and I didn’t want to use a lot of sugar to make them eatable, so instead, adding some peaches not only made me put less sugar in it, but also gave a distinct taste to the ice cream. I also drizzled some homemade sour cherry jam before serving.

This is a very easy recipe, and I don’t remember the exact measurements. But it was roughly as follows: I pitted a cup of cherries and mashed them along with two peaches. Then I pureed them using a strainer and chilled the puree in the freezer for two hours. At the same time, I heated 1 ½ cups of half-and-half with half cup of sugar and let it cool in the refrigerator. Then what I did was to put the puree and milky mixture in an ice-cream maker! Actually, what I should do was to mix the puree with ¼ cup of icing sugar at the beginning and after that mix it with half-and-half, but we have no icing sugar left in the country house, so instead I used half cup of regular sugar and since it hs big grains that cannot dissolve in fruit puree, I heated it with half-and-half.

OK, though I love only “real” ice cream (I don’t like frozen yogurt, milkshake, etc.), but there’s something that changed my mind. Now, I have a new favorite ice cream, which is not really ice cream at all. It is the recipe I found in Choosing Raw. It is “Banana Soft Serve”, but I call it “Fake Super Ice Cream”. It is simply made by putting frozen banana slices in a food processor (not in a blender, it won’t give the same results, as Gena says) and wait until you get a smooth cream, and that’s it. What you get is like banana ice cream, and I added a bit more taste by mixing it with some chocolate chips and honey. Try this, I swear it will be the healthiest and yummiest solution to your ice cream cravings!!

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