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Experimenting with Rice Flour

Rice Flour PuddingSorry, that would not be the nicest thing to say starting the post, but my intestines are very active. It has always been like that. Although it's not a big problem for me (actually it's a good thing, isn't it?), my mum and my yoga instructor told me that I may have celiac desease, in other words, I may be gluten-intolerant. To be sure about this, I'm going to buy a DIY celiac test. In fact, I don't think I have it, because I rarely get sick because of my intestines, but I have to make sure about it. You know, if I don't do the test, I will always be "What if I have it?".

Few weeks ago, when I was on my regular grocery shopping ritual, I bought some rice flour. I have never experimented with this flour, and thought it would be nice to use it somewhere, and if I am gluten-intolerant, it would be nice to experiment it before. Here are the two recipes that use rice flour. The first one is “banana cocoa rice flour pudding”, and the other one is an unbelievably tasty impromptu dessert that I want to talk about. I call it simply rice pudding cake, but there’s more than that.

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Goat Cheese Potato Breakfast Muffins

Ok, so I was wrong about nut butters. In fact, it was a big mistake to eat nut buttered breads every morning. Result? Pimples on my face! I think my face couldn't tolerate such amount of nut butter. I don't know, I gave up eating them for now.

But now I have a new candidate! These breakfast muffins are nutritive yet not so fatty as nut butters. My mom really love them, so do I, which is an unusual thing because I normally don't like savory muffins that much, but they have potatoes and goat cheese in them, and I'm a huge potato lover- who doesn't like potatoes anyway? So, here's my updated breakfast. Enjoy!

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Another Semolina Muffin Recipe with Sour Cherries

Well, the actual title of this post should be “Sour Cherry Chocolate Chip Honey Semolina Muffins”, which would tell more about the ingredients, but it was so long that I sticked with this one. Since the freezer is full of sour cherries and we can’t eat them raw with sick stomacks (we all have gastritis & reflux in family), it’s better to use them in desserts. This is yet another semolina muffin recipe, if you remember the one with apples. I really like to put semolina in muffins, because semolina gives a nice texture and I think it increases the nice smell I get from the muffins (and I don’t know why).

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Spicy Chocolate Cake

Last week, I was in Italy and I bough a lot of chocolate from Torino after they told me that the city is famous for its chocolate and grissini. So to finish all the chocolates (about 400 grams (14 oz.)), I decided to use them for my mother’s birthday cake. However, some of these chocolates had red pepper in it, so I made a spicy cake.

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Chocolate Orange Cream Cake with Orange Sauce

Oh, no! Chocolate and orange cake again????? I know, but I think they're the best couple ever.. Whenever I make something with chocolate and ask myself “What else can I add?”, the mantra repeats in my mind like “orange, orange, orange, orange”. Well, I know it’s not creative at all, but there is a plenty of orange on the kitchen table at this time of the year, and I just can't resist them!

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