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Super Easy Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Remember the super easy pumpkin soup I was talking about? Well, here it is! It's really easy to make, but tastes fantastic, and what's more fantastic is that this soup requires only five ingredients (excluding salt and water, of course)!

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Homemade Butter & Popcorn

Oh, I've been so busy with everything that I couldn't enter one post. Actually, I was going to post a brownie recipe, but I lost it! I have the photos, but I cannot find my recipe! Ha!

But, there was one thing that doesn't have a recipe, and that is homemade butter! It's nothing like those smell-less and taste-less things you buy from the groceries. It's real butter and super easy to make.

You have three options to make butter. First two are the best ways, but they take longer time. So, there's a third way for the lazy ones;)

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Dark Hummus

I love chickpeas. Have I told you that before? I guess so, probably about hundred times.. Anyway, I bought some dark baby chickpeas, also known as "desi chickpeas" or "kala chana". They are quite smaller than regular chickpeas, and they look like little chocolate drops when boiled. Wikipedia says they are higher in fiber and they have a very low glycemic index. So they are good for you!

Instead of cooking these chickpeas plainly, I decided to make the best chickpea product and one of my favorite dishes: hummus! I haven't tasted dark chickpeas before, so I was curious about the results. My mum told me that it might not work, but I didn't care that much, because chickpeas are chickpeas! They can be light or dark, big or small but they are chickpeas. And I wasn't wrong!

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Kitchen Impromptu Turns 1 & A Quick Vegetable Pot Recipe

Last Monday, Kitchen Impromptu turned one, which means I’ve been blogging for one year. Unbelievable! I was planning to celebrate my blog’s birthday with a fancy cake that writes “1” on it. But no, I didn’t have time for that.  Besides, it may seem funny to you to celebrate the blog’s birthday like it’s a hugely-read blog, since only like ten people follow the blog, and all of them are the friends & family. But, I don’t really care how many people read it. I write it for myself, and I feel good to share my recipes, even if nobody cares. And yes, I’ll still make some carrot cupcakes with “1” decorations, don’t worry. I started the blog with my famous carrot cake, and I’ll celebrate its first year with some more carrot cakes.

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Sweet Potato Meal

I’ve never seen sweet potatoes in Turkey. Although potato is something widely consumed here, we only know the yellow ones. There are small and large varieties here, but always yellow, as far as I saw. Therefore, when I saw the sweet potato recipes in blogs (sweet potato soup, fried sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie, etc.), I could only imagine how they taste like. I was guessing it tastes like something between yellow potato and pumpkins. I wasn’t wrong, though. Last week, mum bought me one large sweet potato from the grocery store, which was, and therefore expensive.  After seeing that, I wondered why they’re not grown in Turkey, is there something about the weather conditions or the soil type, but they didn’t make sense at all, because we have yellow potatoes, and Turkey has some very productive lands and has many types of plants. So, I made some research, and I found that sweet potatoes originated from South America, and somehow never managed to come here. But, in Southern Turkey, they have started to grow sweet potatoes. So, we’re planning to buy some seeds and plant them in fall (that’s when they're grown).

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