PHBC Day#5: Going Simple

┬áToday, I decided to give up having sweet things for breakfast for a while. Why? Because I gained some weight. Why? Because apparently, the sweet breakfasts increase my blood sugar level (and don’t keep me full until lunch), and since I basically eat vegetables, fruits and yogurt during the day, my sugar level drops. And when the dinner time comes, I am so hungry that I binge on everything I can find. So, I’m going to try for savory breakfast options for a while. And guess what, it worked well this morning!

This morning, I kept it simple. I had some “lor” cheese (similar to ricotta) with tomatoes, cucumbers and a slice of whole-wheat bread. And a cup of tea (of course!)

This was actually a simplified version of a traditional Turkish breakfast, which includes a lot more things. Unlike all the sweet breakfast options in other countries, Turkish breakfast is simple, filling and healthy. And actually, traditional breakfast is what I need in the mornings. However, breakfast is like a ritual in Turkey, and I also like to have my Turkish breakfast in peace, not rushing for work. So, instead I invent myself options (often including peanut butter).

But today, I really wanted to have some cheese and juicy tomatoes, so I packed my breakfast and ate at work. Simply delicious! I should do this more.

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