My Birthday Cake with Coconut Butter and Pineapple

I love autumn. I love it because me, my sister and my three cousins’ birthdays are in this season, so there are lots of celebrations to make. The first one to celebrate is my birthday, and it was on the last Saturday.

As usual, I wanted to make my own birthday cake. This time, I was hoping to make something that does not only taste good, but also looks good. Well, it was not a disaster, but you know I don’t have the ability to make cakes that look storebought.

This time, I planned everything beforehand. I drew some sketches and decided to make a cake with coconut butter and pineapples.

This idea of a “tropical” cake came from the coconut butter I made last week. I have been seeing some recipes made with coconut butter for a long time. Katie uses it a lot for example. So I looked through the internet and see if I could buy it in Turkey. But, no. It’s not sold anywhere. So I decided to make it myself. There are actually a lot of bloggers who made their own coconut butters, and the idea is easy, just like making nut butters: process some dried coconut flakes in the food processor for about 10 minutes. Good.

But, my 400W Tefal mini-rondo couldn’t process that longer and I had a thicker coconut butter instead. So I blended it with some water (coconut milk can work well) and also added some honey to taste. But it wasn’t something that you can spread on your bread. I don’t know, maybe my version was too thick, but it also tasted heavy that I cannot eat by itself. While I was thinking about my birthday cake, I thought “Why not? You cannot eat that thick coconut butter anyway. Just use it!”

For the cake, I used a recipe that I took from a pastry chef (so I shouldn’t share it with you!).  I bake the cake two days before my birthday.

One day before my birthday, I assembled my cake. I layered the cake and moistened the layers with some milk. Then I made some dark chocolate ganache and spread on each layer. On the first layer, I spreaded the coconut butter on the ganache. And on the second layer, I put some diced pineapples on the ganache again.

To cover the cake, I made a whipped cream by mixing the regular whipped cream with some of my coconut butter and diced pineapples.

As you can notice from the photo, the cake doesn’t look that perfect, because 1- I have problems with layering the cakes perfectly and 2- I have problems with covering the cake with whipped cream. No problem, I always have some impromptu solutions.

So, I decided to make two little cakes instead of one big. I had two square-shaped cake cutters, and cut the cake with them (My mum and I finished the leftover cakes later).

Onto these two cakes, I put some easily-made-yet-looks-professional decoration. I melted some chocolate and transfered it to a small piping bag I made by rolling a parchment paper. Then I drew the decorations on a parchment paper. After chilling the decorated chocolate for 5 minutes, they were ready!

(Sorry about the bad flash photography, I took the cakes out to the restaurant we celebrated, and it was all dark.)

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