Ginger Choux Puffs with Lemon Curd (NYDC Day#5)

Yesterday, I didn’t create any recipe, but combined two recipes and came up with something I wanted to make for ages: Lemon Choux Puffs!! Do you know my favorite dessert as a child? Chocolate profiteroles of course! That’s why I always love food made with pate a choux. And I decided so many recipes. This is yet another recipe from one of the blogs I like to follow. But instead of filling the puffs with pastry cream, I tried something different and made lemon curd instead. I came by this recipe in Claire Robinson’s show (I love that she uses only five ingredients in her recipes!). But the pate a choux recipe yields 40 puffs, and my lemon curd wasn’t enough for all of them. So, I refrigerated half of my pate a choux to use later. However, I now think that I may have increased the lemon curd amount by adding some whipped cream. You can try it that way. Next time, I’ll try it that way.

Ginger Choux Puffs with Lemon Curd

yields 20-40 puffs

For pate a choux:

- Use the recipe here. Omit sugar pearls. Add two teaspoons grated fresh ginger to the dough.

For lemon curd:

- Use the lemon curd recipe here. If you want to increase the amount and lighten up the curd, just mix the curd with 2-3 cups whipped cream.

For dusting:

-confectioners’s sugar


When the puffs and the lemon curd is cooled, cut the puffs into half and fill them with lemon curd. Sprinkle the tops with confectioners’ sugar.

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