Homemade Butter & Popcorn

Oh, I’ve been so busy with everything that I couldn’t enter one post. Actually, I was going to post a brownie recipe, but I lost it! I have the photos, but I cannot find my recipe! Ha!

But, there was one thing that doesn’t have a recipe, and that is homemade butter! It’s nothing like those smell-less and taste-less things you buy from the groceries. It’s real butter and super easy to make.

You have three options to make butter. First two are the best ways, but they take longer time. So, there’s a third way for the lazy ones;)

1- (I tried this one) First, you have to buy raw whole milk. Yes, it should come directly from the cow’s boobies! You can search for local suppliers, but make sure that they don’t take away any excess butterfat from the milk. That’s what we use to make butter.

Boil the milk, so any harmful bacteria gets killed. But you know, also the good bacteria gets killed during this process, so if you’re OK with it, you can use the raw milk directly, but I boiled my milk anyway. When the milk boils for good 30 minutes, just take it away from heat let it cool, then chill it in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.

When you look at your milk bottle, you should be able to see a fat layer at the top. Take this “chilled” butterfat using a scoop and put it into your electric mixer and start to whisk the mixture. You will start to see the butter clumping together. Whisk a little more, and take this “butter clump”, rinse in water to get rid of the excess milk (actually what you’re left is buttermilk). And your homemade butter is ready!

If you don’t have an electrical mixer, you have to use the grandma method. Put the chilled butterfat in a bottle, close the lid, and give it a good shake for about 15 minutes. Work your muscles a bit!

2- This method is similar to the first one, but it gives a different type of butter (I don’t know the name). You use the same electrical mixer (or bottle) method, but instead of butterfat, you use the fat of yogurt. This may sound weird, but in Turkey, when you buy a package of yogurt, it usually has a layer of fat, which is called “kaymak”. So, if you want to make your butter this way, you have to make some homemade yogurt with the milk you just boiled, and then you have to whisk the chilled butterfat of the yogurt.

3- This is the lazy method. Buy some heavy cream, chill it for 6 hours in the refrigerator and whisk it using an electrical mixer. You’ll still get some delicious butter, though!

So, what did I make with my homemade butter?

FÄ°rst of all, I of course ate some with a bite of bread. Then, I made some whole grain cereal brownies and lost the recipe. Brava!

And today, I made some popcorn! I had recently bought some non-GMO corn kernels, so I used them.

For recipe, just try the grandma version in Simply Recipes. It really works! Instead of oil, I just used my homemade butter, and it worked well. The popcorn tasted really good, if you don’t mind the few burnt ones.

But popcorn is never complete without its best friend: chocolate! For me, they’re one of the best food couples in the world: one bite of salty popcorn and one bite of sweet chocolate, then one bite of salty popcorn again, and it goes on like that! So, I topped the popcorn with some dark-hazelnut chocolate I recently bought from the duty-free. I had never heard of this brand, Starbrook Airlines, but the packaging was cute enough for me to buy it!

So, here’s my after-dinner snack for today. I’ll compensate the extra calories, don’t worry. One less slice of bread and more workout for tomorrow!

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