PHBC Day#2: Granola

PHBC Day 2! Today was the granola day. I simply mixed 3 tablespoons of granola with some milk and called it breakfast.

Oh, and don’t forget the half peach I found in the refrigerator. It was super sweet!

Granola is sooooo easy to make, and has many uses. You can use it to enhance your oatmeal, eat it during the day as a snack, o simply consume with milk like I did this morning. And like veggie burger, it has a base recipe and you can make your own versions. So don’t be lazy about granola, just make it!



  • 3 cups oatmeal
  • 3/4 cup desired nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.), chopped roughly
  • 1/3 cup liquid sweetener (I prefer honey)
  • 1/4 cup oil (preferably extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil)
  • optional: 1 tablespoon flax seed
  • optional: 2 tablespoons coconut flakes
  • optional: 1 tablespoon cocoa nibs
  • optional: 1/4 cup dried fruit (raisins, dates, etc.), chopped


Preheat your oven to 150 degrees C (300 degrees F).

Mix the dry ingredients. Add the sweetener and oil, and mix well.

Put the mixture onto a pan with parchment paper.

Bake for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

You can store granola in a jar for up to 1 month (or maybe more).

EDIT: Check this out! It looks amazing, I’m definitely going to try this!

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