Gingerbread Cookies and Epic Icing Fail (NYDC Day#10)

What happened to NYDC Day#9? To be honest, I wrapped presents all night, and since one day is only 24 hours, I couldn’t make anything else. I know, I broke the laws of the challenge. But since it is my challenge, I can make my own laws and I decided to rest one day, just as in running.

But today was the big day, gingerbread cookie day. As you may remember, I bake Gingerbread Cookies for New Year’s Eve every year. This time, I used the previous recipe, because it was so good. I was also planning to finally make a gingerbread house. But I failed epically. Reasons:

  • I used a sugar and milk based icing instead of royal icing, which requires egg whites. I normally avoid using that royal icing because of uncooked egg whites. But the icing I use takes a long time to harden. So I couldn’t assemble the house. It collapsed!
  • The butter I used in the icing was not in room temperature, so I couldn’t cream it properly (and I was also too lazy to think about that). So, the icing was so bad and had butter lumps inside it!! It didn’t really matter for the gingerbread men, since I didn’t use much icing on them, but for the house, it didn’t work..

I’m so tired right now, baking everyday is definitely not for me. I come home from work not early, so I have little time for workout and playing piano. On top of that, baking was really exhausting. I lack sleep, I have back aches. So tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. Good or bad? I won’t comment on that!

Also, I realized that this is my third gingerbread cookie post. A quick flashback:




  1. December 30, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Oh, your gingerbread men look so beautiful!

    • December 30, 2011 at 11:31 pm

      Thank you:)

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