Chickpea Madness: Leblebi and Chickpea Burgers

I’m recently obsessed with chickpeas. I always find myself eating something that is made of chickpeas. One example is hummus. The other one is leblebi. And now I have my own homemade leblebi, which was easier to make than I expected.

Leblebi is a Turkish snack, and it’s simply roasted chickpeas. It’s traditionally made by roasting the chickpeas two or three times and resting it after each time for days, which is a complicated process, so you basically buy it from your grocery. But there are two easy ways to make it in your home: using the oven or using the pan. I tried the latter one. I boiled some chickpeas, and I put them in a pan with oil, sea salt and black pepper. Than I sauteed them for about an hour in low heat, and I got some crispy leblebi, which are different from the storebought ones, since they are roasted in special ovens. But if you want to have your leblebi that taste closer to storebought ones, you can roast them in your oven for an hour.

Sauteeing the chickpeas:


You may notice in the photos that I FORGOT to peel off the chickpea skins. That’s no problem for me, but you can sure peel them off..

Storebought leblebi:


And what about the leftover chickpeas? I made some chickpea burgers, similar to the ones that I made last year. This time, I processed two cups of chickpeas with 1 teaspoon of tomato paste, couple of walnuts, 2 tablespoons of wheatberries, some sea salt, some black pepper and some nigella seeds. Then I made patties and covered them with some whole-wheat flour..

… and I made a delicious sandwich! You cannot see it in the photo, but I also drizzled some aceto balsamico over the top. Yummy!


  1. sinem erdemli
    September 27, 2010 at 6:58 pm


  2. October 10, 2010 at 5:30 am

    wonderful idea, chickpeas are a great snack idea!

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