Caramel Chocolates

I swear this is my last chocolate post and I’m not going to make any chocolate recipe for a very long time! I know I’ve been obsessed with chocolate recipes recently, and it has two reasons. First of all, I have been consuming a lot of chocolate these days, and don’t know why.  Secondly, chocolate making is easy in terms of ingredients; you just melt some chocolate and pour it in molds. Actually, the reason I’m always making desserts rather than savory dishes is that. I always have sugar, flour, eggs, and milk at home, which are the basic things for pastry. Anyway, this is a recipe from Making Artisan Chocolates, which is like my artisan chocolate Bible. It’s originally “turtle tablets”, but I don’t have molds for tablets, I changed the recipe and make little molded chocolates, which have caramel filling. And I used brown sugar when making the caramel, because I didn’t have any white sugar left.

I think I’ll stop with desserts for a while, and put only savories to the blog..

Caramel Chocolates

adapted from Making Artisan Chocolates

makes 25-30 chocolates, based on mold size


  • 500 gr (17.5 oz.) dark chocolate, melted
  • 55 gr (2 oz.) brown sugar
  • 2-3 tablespoons warer
  • ½ cup heavy cream, warm
  • 280 gr (10 oz.) white chocolate, melted
  • pinch of salt


Put the sugar and water in a pan, and melt the sugar in medium heat. Wait until the mixture comes to boil, and the color turns darker, which takes about 10 minutes. Take the pan from heat.

Add the warm cream and salt to the mixture. Note that the cream should be warm! Otherwise, when you pour the cold liquid into a very hot sugar mixture, bad things can happen, and I don’t even want to think about that. (I’m quite afraid of boiled sugar!)

Pour the mixture into melted white chocolate, and combine until it gets creamy. Let it cool in room temperature.

Now, it’s time for molding! Take your chocolate molds. If you don’t have any, you can use little silicon cake molds. You have to coat the molds with melted dark chocolate. There are some methods for doing this, like pouring chocolate in the molds and turning them upside down to remove the excess chocolate. Well, since I am quite messy, I didn’t even want to try this method. So, I found a solution. I simply wore plastic gloves and I dip my finger to melted chocolate. Then, I smeared the chocolate to molds with my finger. Here are some shots:

When you finish coating, let the chocolates chill in the freezer for 5 minutes. You have to do this at least 3 times, or until you are sure that you get a thick enough chocolate layer.

After that, fill the molds with the caramel mixture using a piping bag, and finally cover the top of the molds with dark chocolate again. You can flatten the tops by using a spatula. Let them chill for 10 minutes.

Take the chocolates out from the molds, and keep them in the refrigerator. That’s it! And try not to mess the kitchen like I did…

Note: As you may have noticed, the chocolate filling does not look like caramel. This is because I didn’t boil the sugar enough (since I’m afraid of getting burnt!).

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